Thursday, July 4, 2019

Nutraceutical Packaging Market to Gain a Stronghold by 2026

The nutraceuticals market is seeing dynamic opportunities in growth and revenue generation. These dietary supplements and fortified foods offer bountiful health benefits. As a means for sustaining competition for innovation growth in both the pharmaceuticals and food and beverage industries, the key players are focused on advanced packaging techniques. These products can be of various materials including paper and paperboards, glass, plastic, and metal. The increased demand for nutraceutical from the consumers has escalated the requirements for the adequate nutraceutical packaging. Both the manufacturer and the consumers prefer the neutraceutical packaging because of the ease of printing over them.The current consumer trend is to be preventive rather than react to the health issues, which involve huge healthcare costs in developed countries.
There is a shift in the consumer preference from synthetic ingredients to natural and organic ingredients and foods that are obtained from non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) extracts.
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Consumers prefer the nutraceutical foods to pharmaceutical drugs.Developing nutrients based on an individual’s genetics and lifestyle changes would help in developing customized functional foods ad beverages, based on the genetic nutraceutical packaging is expected to witness a propelled growth because of the escalated use of neutraceutical products by the consumers.
The increased health benefits by the nutraceutical products coupled with the increased expenditure on fitness and wellness of the people across the globe are expected to fuel the growth of the global nutraceutical packaging market.The nutraceutical market mainly constitutes functional foods and beverages and dietary supplements. Dietary supplements are present in the form of tablets, capsules and liquids. The nutraceutical ingredients include pre-biotic and pro-biotic vitamins, minerals, fibers, proteins, omega 3 and structured lipids, amino acids and various other ingredients. Foods fortified with omega fatty acids are expected to grow by 6.8% during the forecast period.
Nutraceutical Packaging Market represents the improvement of the business by upstream and downstream, generally market and advancement, key organizations, and in addition type section and market application, etc.Some prominent players in this market are MJS PACKAGING, PolyOne Corporation, Glenroy, Inc.,  Maco Bag Corporation, JohnsByrne Company,  Birchwood Contract Manufacturing, NuEra Nutraceuticals Inc., MOD-PAC Corp., Hughes Enterprises, AMGRAPH Packaging, Inc

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